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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Ask artists and art collectors about abstract art and they'll show you so many different examples depending on how they personally see and respond to the genre. What captivates them about an abstract could be anything from the colours and the mood or feelings it evokes; to the shapes or recognisable imagery they see in it, and more. I often like paintings where the colours and movement in the application of paint etc are what jump out for me but when it comes to painting that myself, I'm never satisfied; my mind is always looking for some recognisable imagery to grasp on to.


Friday, 6 February 2015


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My newsletter has been rescued from Mail Chimp and resuscitated via Mad Mimi. I don't know who Mimi was or whether she was indeed mad but as a newsletter platform she's very user-friendly and she and I have become friends. The new-look newsletter went out to subscribers on February 1st and future issues may go out weekly or monthly depending on what's newsworthy at One Little House. If you enjoy the read [above] and wish to keep up with my ArtFULL news, you can subscribe below or by clicking on the tab that's pinned on the left side of your screen:


I almost wrote "Demented Life Project" because I can't remember a time when I've art journaled as much as I did through January. I'm not doing the planner aspect of the DLP because I wouldn't have a hope of keeping up with that, so I decided just to check in with the journaling prompts and/or challenges, and use those as the jumping-off point for a weekly page - and that approach has worked thus far. Below are my January pages:

[Created on a collage of vintage book papers.]


So I started another handmade mini journal... I generally avoid watching the news on TV but when you spend as much time on Facebook as I do, it's impossible to avoid the headlines links: child abuse, animal abuse, murderous fanatics, asshole politicians and psychotic leaders. They make my inner serial killer restless.

ART JOURNALING: Journal flip

I'm really enjoying journaling in these Teesha-style handmade mini journals. Here's a flip-through of the first completed one: