Tuesday, 25 March 2014

29 Faces

If you've never heard of 29 Faces, it's a challenge created and hosted a couple of times a year by Ayala Art. As the title suggests, you create 29 faces - any type of face, created using any medium - the only rule is that a face must be the main focus of the piece. I've watched people sharing their #29faces for a couple of years and wanted to join so this time, I decided to have a go at Ayala's February challenge and see how many I'd manage. I also decided to draw rather than paint, since I thought that would be quicker for me. I only managed 9 out of the 29… In retrospect, it was probably a bit daft of me to attempt the challenge at the same time as the Soul Food class was underway but it was still fun, and there's always next time, right?! These are the 9 faces I drew:

Soul Food: January to March

Soul Food at Community Thrive got off to an awesome start and the classroom and Facebook group have continued to buzz with happy participants sharing their work, and encouraging and supporting each other. Many of the teachers have also been playing along with the twice-weekly lessons and more people have continued to sign up and bring new energy to the discussions. Registration for this round closes at the end of March but we've already started planning the menu for Soul Food 2015. 

Below are a selection of pages from my own lessons, as well as things I've created in response to some of the others - with other projects in progress and waiting to be finished! The diversity of the lessons and different teachers' styles has been such a treat to witness and play along with, and the group has grown into a really warm and friendly community.

21 Secrets

I posted about this on Facebook but if you didn't see, I'm happy to share again that Connie Hozvicka has invited me to teach in for the Spring 2014 issue of 21 Secrets. The format of this art journaling extravaganza is changing from a ning-hosted community to a downloadable e-book, with the first/Spring 2014 issue accessible from April 1st - no joke!
The real benefit of the change is that rather than having access for just a few months, you'll be able to download the e-book, have full and immediate access to all of the content, and be able to play and repeat all 21 workshops ad infinitum. You'll also be able to join the teachers and fellow participants in a private 21 Secrets group on Facebook and/or a private Flickr group where you can share your work.

You can purchase now and download your e-book on 1 April, 2014.

Reflecting on 2013

It's all too easy sometimes to remember the negatives and although 2013 wasn't one of my best years, it did have its positives and it's those that I'm focussing on for this round-up. Highlights included participating in two blog-hops for Artistcellar for the launch of their new signature series stencil sets designed by Jane Davenport and Chris Cozen. These are some of the pieces I created with Jane's "Jane Girls" series, and Chris's "Playful Pods" series: