Thursday, 30 October 2014

Introducing Soul Food Sous-Chef: CHERYL DOSSEY

Cheryl and I have frequented the same online art communities and groups for a while now! She's a friendly, familiar face from the first round of Soul Food too but this is her first foray into online teaching as she joins the faculty in 2015. 
I'm so happy she's joining us and excited to see what she has in store for her workshop! I encourage you to visit Cheryl's website to browse through her wonderful gallery of work; and then check out her Facebook page to enter her giveaway to win a free spot in Soul Food 2015.
Cheryl Dossey Soul Food from cheryl dossey on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life drawing looms!

A grey and drizzly morning would normally be my cue to stay in PJs but I decided to do the drive up to Shaftesbury to pop to the bank. After a couple of errands, I thought I'd stop in at the Arts Centre to get some information about renting the gallery space - just a vague idea I have of creating a themed body of work to show there one day way off in the future! 

The artist whose work had occupied the gallery for the last two weeks - Tessa McIntyre - kindly gave me the contact details of the person I need to contact about the gallery and then she and I got to chatting. She turned out to live locally to me and attends life drawing mornings organised by the Bruton Art Society near Wincanton. There had been a group at my local village hall that stopped just as I'd found them, so I was delighted to hear about this alternative and I hope to attend from the New Year. It was also lovely to meet Tessa and to see her paintings just before they were taken down this afternoon. I was smitten with her lino prints, which she prints herself on a press in her studio-garage. The above image was borrowed from the BAS website; it's one of the pieces I saw and liked very much today.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Introducing Soul Food Sous-Chef: BRITTA SMITH TOFTEBJERG

I just love that we have some first-time teachers joining us for the next round of Soul Food and even better, having such an international flavour with guest artists such as Britta who joins us from Denmark. I've met Britta often in online classrooms and always enjoyed her wonderful art and expressive portraits, so I'm excited to see her stretch and teach an online workshop of her own! Please do visit Britta's website and blog to browse through her artwork and to enter her giveaway to win a free spot in Soul Food 2015.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Introducing Soul Food Sous-Chef: AYALA ART

When Mystele, Heather and I chose our Sous-Chefs for Soul Food 2015, we wanted a mix of new faces as well as familiar ones for continuity from the first round. We're delighted to have Ayala Art joining us again! We love her portraits and her warmth; and our alumni students loved her lesson. We asked our guest artists to create a little introductory video answering a few questions about themselves; this is Ayala's interview, and I hope you'll also visit her here to see her beautiful work and *ahem* enter her fabulous GIVEAWAY!

Ayala Interview for SoulFood from Ayala Art on Vimeo.

Feeling a bit Paleo: UPDATE

It's been three weeks since my Paleo journey began and Dad asked me today if I'd weighed because he can see I've started to lose weight. I'd noticed my jeans getting looser; that I'd gone up a notch on my belt; and was wondering if it was my imagination that a couple of bras were fitting slightly better but I wasn't making a big deal dancing about it because I still have a long road ahead. Scales turn me into a "glass half empty" person - the numbers depress me because my target is still so far away. Dad says that's a bad attitude but he's always been slim and fit, so what does he know?! Maybe I'll build a better relationship with the scales when I'm further along in my journey and the numbers are less intimidating.

I can't say Paleo is easy; there are times when I'm feeling too tired to cook. There are things I miss but I haven't been at all hungry and I've found new favourite things to eat - like cabbage stir fried in roasted mustard seeds and fenugreek; and mushroom omelettes with a whisper of smoked paprika and red onions. And no, I don't have recipes; my day to day cooking is all about what I fancy undertaken with a chuck-it-in-the-pan-and-see approach! If I'm out for a whole morning and can't get an alternative or forget my fruity teabags, then I don't stress about having an "illegal" hot drink. I refuse to make this a trial and thus feel guilty about incidental "failures" like that - and that, in my opinion, is a good attitude!