Friday, 16 January 2015


I might not art journal every day and when I do, I might not always share. There may be long gaps and there may be sudden flurries of pages; I'm making no promises because this year, I'm journaling just for myself.


I've made a stack of Teesha Moore journals from my paper stash and I'm journaling again. It seemed like the least-pressure way to re-light the fire under my muse and so far, it seems to be working.

Monday, 12 January 2015

LIFE DRAWING: December intro

I went along for a first session before Christmas to meet the local life drawing group I'd found. I'd last done life drawing at age 16 or 17 and I'm 47 now; although I do portraits, I'm very out of practice with drawing models after a gap of 30 odd years! The artists I met were very nice and they certainly take their drawing seriously. As soon as the model struck a pose, a hush descended and everyone was instantly absorbed with sketching. No-one looks over your shoulder so I settled fairly quickly and didn't feel self-conscious about my first couple of pretty awful attempts.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Studio tour [1]

I'm almost done sorting my art room: there's a new computer desk set-up, whitewashed walls, and a new display system for artwork and the art notes that I love having around me. I still need to re-organise my shelves and sort through a few piles of stuff on the floor but it's getting there. A part [2] will follow when those last jobs are done.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life drawing looms!

A grey and drizzly morning would normally be my cue to stay in PJs but I decided to do the drive up to Shaftesbury to pop to the bank. After a couple of errands, I thought I'd stop in at the Arts Centre to get some information about renting the gallery space - just a vague idea I have of creating a themed body of work to show there one day way off in the future! 

The artist whose work had occupied the gallery for the last two weeks - Tessa McIntyre - kindly gave me the contact details of the person I need to contact about the gallery and then she and I got to chatting. She turned out to live locally to me and attends life drawing mornings organised by the Bruton Art Society near Wincanton. There had been a group at my local village hall that stopped just as I'd found them, so I was delighted to hear about this alternative and I hope to attend from the New Year. It was also lovely to meet Tessa and to see her paintings just before they were taken down this afternoon. I was smitten with her lino prints, which she prints herself on a press in her studio-garage. The above image was borrowed from the BAS website; it's one of the pieces I saw and liked very much today.